Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Louisburg Nursing Center 3 Star Review

New 3 Star User Review of Louisburg Nursing Center located in Louisburg, North Carolina

"My sister was placed at the facility after her liver cancer surgery at UNC. I spent quite a bit of time observing interactions between staff and patients. I was not impressed. The staff for the most part was cold and indifferent. Patients would ask for something and be totally ignored. My sister also told me that they were very mean to her so I pulled her out the next day. She was bruised from..."

Sea Cliff Healthcare Center 1 Star Review

New 1 Star User Review of Sea Cliff Healthcare Center located in Huntington Beach, California

"I have asked for two weeks straight going onto the third week for the Registered Dietitian to see my family member. I was told that she was "out marketing". I went to complain to the Administrator...he was "Out Marketing" with the Registered Dietitian. I have never heard of a healthcare building having the Registered Dietitian and the Administrator out "Marketing..."

The Carlyle at Stonebridge Park 1 Star Review

New 1 Star User Review of The Carlyle at Stonebridge Park located in Southlake, Texas

"If you are thinking of putting your loved one in this facility, DON'T! It provides no care whatsoever! And even though families complained to the State authorities repeatedly, nothing has improved. I was told by one of the doctors that the reason for the revolving door of caregivers was because none of them lived in the area and as soon as they found a job closer to their homes, they quit. That..."

Buena Vida Nursing and Rehab-San Antonio 1 Star Review

New 1 Star User Review of Buena Vida Nursing and Rehab-San Antonio located in San Antonio, Texas

"I spoke with the DON today because I was interested in having a family member admitted there and the DON, I wish I got her name was so RUDE! She didn't even allow me to get the fax number because she said "why does your family member need to come here". Once I told her the issues, she discriminated against my aunt due to her medical condition! I'm happy I got to see the real colors before..."

Byrd Haven Nursing Home 1 Star Review

New 1 Star User Review of Byrd Haven Nursing Home located in Searcy, Arkansas

"Inadequate staffing on the rehab side at the very least. When a patient rings to request assistance to use the restroom, they shouldn't have to wait 1-1 1/2 hours & then be told to just go in their depends because of shift change. If you don't have the staff to care for the patient's decrease patient load or increase staffing. The level of care provided is abysmal. It's a beautiful facility..."

Amberwood Manor 5 Star Review

New 5 Star User Review of Amberwood Manor located in New Philadelphia, Ohio

"Great nursing home, caring and attentive staff, delicious food, and wonderful therapy!!! The rooms are quite large and comfortable compared to other nursing homes I have seen. I recommend Amberwood over any other nursing home in Tuscarawas County."

Heartland of Tamarac 1 Star Review

New 1 Star User Review of Heartland of Tamarac located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

"This place is horrible for critical care! My family memeber starved to death as the bedside nurse never showed. The Hospice has on record a 24hour bedside assistant nurse and when I showed up unannounced because of a phone conversation with the patient screaming to get them out of there, no nurse was there. The patient was to be on a puree diet and an egg salad sandwich was delivered to the patient..."

Buckingham Valley Rehab & Nursing Center 2 Star Review

New 2 Star User Review of Buckingham Valley Rehab & Nursing Center located in Buckingham, Pennsylvania

"My mother was admitted in Buckhm. on 6/29/05. At first it seemed to be a somewhat decent place for her to be but as months went by it was obvious that they were over-drugging her although I could not prove it. They insisted that it was dementia. She was 91yrs at the time so it seemed to be a good answer. She was VERY sharp but then she started sitting with her head in her hand, mouth open and..."

Central Texas Nursing & Rehabilitation 5 Star Review

New 5 Star User Review of Central Texas Nursing & Rehabilitation located in Ballinger, Texas

"My father-in-law is a resident there. He received excellent care and there are no complaints. He has received therapy and done well. The nursing and the therapy are great. "

Transitional Health Services of Kannapolis 2 Star Review

New 2 Star User Review of Transitional Health Services of Kannapolis located in Kannapolis, North Carolina

"After reading the reviews on this website, I was so thrilled to have my mother admitted to Transitional for physical therapy. I quickly changed my mind. Although the facility appears to be clean the patient care is appalling. Although my mother could not feed herself, the staff did not assist her. The residents were often left in the dining room for over an hour before dinner was served. They refused..."

Hanover House 1 Star Review

New 1 Star User Review of Hanover House located in Massillon, Ohio

"Poor housekeeping was evident as we noticed the same dirty pictures/tv dusty in the room for weeks. The linen was dingy and never smelled fresh. The staff is so busy trying to keep up with the work because there is only 1 or 2 at best on a hall at a time, that you better hope that there is not more than 2 people that need anything at any one given time. But do not say anything to the "higher..."