Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Unihealth Post - Acute Care of Durham 2 Star Review

New 2 Star User Review of Unihealth Post - Acute Care of Durham located in Durham, North Carolina

"Good staff, especially CNAs, RNs, and the people that actually do the work. The DON, is rude, obnoxious and arrogant and is only concerned with protecting her job. When I was checking out facilities, the admission coordinator was totally playing up to the amenities of the facility and reeked of marketing. Having no choice since the hospital was discharging my mother in the next day or two and every..."

Woodlands Health Care 1 Star Review

New 1 Star User Review of Woodlands Health Care located in Midway, Georgia

"My husband lay in that awful place dying and nobody on the staff knew.  They did not even bother checking on him.  I took him out by ambulance and he died 9 days later.  I feel they hastened his death by neglect.  He was only 59 years old.  Do not place your loved ones in that awful place."

Gerald Nursing and Rehab 5 Star Review

New 5 Star User Review of Gerald Nursing and Rehab located in Gerald, Missouri

"I had my grandmother at Gerald nursing and all of the staff were very caring.  She wasn't the easiest person to work with but they always had a smile on their face.  All of the office staff were very helpful with the whole nursing home placement.  And I can honestly say that anytime I was in the home Theresa and the rest of the staff met me with open arms.  And made sure that any request I had was..."

Windsor Gardens Convalescent Center of Anaheim 5 Star Review

New 5 Star User Review of Windsor Gardens Convalescent Center of Anaheim located in Anaheim, California

"Windsor Gardens of Anaheim is an excellent place, the staff are wonderful, nursing attendant were willing to help no matter how busy they are. What was amazing was when the nursing director answer the call bell in room 7 assisted our dad to bed from his wheelchair and made sure he has everything he needs before leaving the room. I've never seen anything like that from the other place. How great was..."

Altercare of Hilliard Post-Acute Center 4 Star Review

New 4 Star User Review of Altercare of Hilliard Post-Acute Center located in Hilliard, Ohio

"I find the staff to be caring and friendly and they really seem to care about my dad ,which is reassuring.  My dad responds well to them as they try to make him feel important and good about himself.  I know it's not home, but the people there try to make it feel that way. The facility is very clean and the therapists are excellent.   Compared to other places I've been it's a nice alternative.  "

Shea Family Care Somerset 1 Star Review

New 1 Star User Review of Shea Family Care Somerset located in El Cajon, California

"This location gets "0" stars.  Upon my first visit (looking for  place for my parent), a woman was "fleeing the coup" I should have taken that as my first red flag.  Inside it appears to be clean, nice staff, etc. so like an innocent person, I took the bait and signed my parent up.  Well, upon our entry they notified us that I could join them for dinner.  The food was awful, and..."

Pinellas Park Care and Rehabilitation Center 5 Star Review

New 5 Star User Review of Pinellas Park Care and Rehabilitation Center located in Pinellas Park, Florida

"My step father was at this center for 6 weeks. I do not think that you could find better care at any other facility. There staff is always willing to help and always with a smile.  This facility is very clean. The food was very good. They realy make you feel at home. One of the nurses told me that when you stay with them you become a part of there family and you can feel it. I would go down to the..."

Devon Manor 1 Star Review

New 1 Star User Review of Devon Manor located in Devon, Pennsylvania

"To say this place is inadequate would be too kind.  I went for therapy after a total knee replacement and actually had almost NO therapy.  As a result after almost a month my doctor told me I would need another procedure to have a manipulation to break up the scar tissue that had formed from the lack of therapy at the rehab.  Also they were very unethical when telling me I couldn't be released because..."

Lutheran Augustana Ctr for Extended Care & Rehab 5 Star Revie

New 5 Star User Review of Lutheran Augustana Ctr for Extended Care & Rehab located in Brooklyn, New York

"My Name is Elvira Pisciotti I was there from Nov 9 to Nov 26, the physical therapy was excellant I had a full knee replacement, most of the nurses were very nice.

I was pleased with the facility. If I had to had to go for  therapy again I would definetly go to Lutheran. Thank you all for helping me.."

Kindred Hospital Dallas 1 Star Review

New 1 Star User Review of Kindred Hospital Dallas located in Dallas, Texas

"My husband was admitted to Kindred Dallas from Presbyterian Hospital in late October following a triple heart by-pass.  He was in ICU until his death in early December.  His lungs could not overcome the trauma of surgery.  The entire time he was in Kindred ICU the nursing and respiratory staff were excellent.  They were professional, caring and concerned.  They became our family over the many weeks..."

Pacific Grove Convalescent Hospital 4 Star Review

New 4 Star User Review of Pacific Grove Convalescent Hospital located in Pacific Grove, California

"My mother-in-law recently stayed at this facility for 5 days after knee replacement surgery.  The staff is superb from the person at the front desk to the nurses, the nurses aides, maintenance,housekeeping, physical and occupational therapists.  The food was our main complaint and thus the four stars.  There were too many sauces and gravy on almost every thing served.  It might be better to put those..."