Thursday, January 3, 2013

Grove of Evanston 1 Star Review

New 1 Star User Review of Grove of Evanston located in Evanston, Illinois

"My 92 year old father was admitted from Evanston hospital (minor infection) for two weeks of intensive physical therapy to strengthen his leg that was broken in the summer. Our first night there one of the CNA"s proceeded to faint on my seated brother. This was right after putting my dad in the bed. Later dinner was brought,in the form of three mounds,cream,green and pink puréed mush. According..."

Kindred Nursing and Rehabilitation-Community 5 Star Review

New 5 Star User Review of Kindred Nursing and Rehabilitation-Community located in Marion, Ohio

"My mother has been at Kindred Nuring Center for about 5 years now. She is very well taked care of, I dont have to worry about her when I am at work or home, I know she is taken care of. I fill they have the best nursing staff anyone could ask for. They keep me very informed of her condition and what is going on with activities and advents. The aids are very well trained and very professional. The..."

Embassy Health Care Center 5 Star Review

New 5 Star User Review of Embassy Health Care Center located in Wilmington, Illinois

"Couldn't ask for a better place for my sick mother. The Alzheimer unit is second to none anywhere in the Chicagoland area. The owner, administrator, DON and the unit manager, are there with hands on care. Good to know that there are still good care nursing home around. "

Coral Reef Nursing & Rehabilitation Center 2 Star Review

New 2 Star User Review of Coral Reef Nursing & Rehabilitation Center located in Miami, Florida

"I would advice anyone to visit their relative (without notice) at all times of the day and evening. Check them over for bedsores etc and talk with them (in private & ask questions) It's good to keep an eye on everything. Good to be friendly with staff but our loves ones need 100% care..nothing less!"

Sacramento Sub-Acute 1 Star Review

New 1 Star User Review of Sacramento Sub-Acute located in Sacramento, California

"this place is disgusting. within 72 hours my boyfriend was rushed back to the ER because he was not being cared for and ended up with pnuemonia and a 104 temp. it is unclean. the pictures of the rooms are a lie and the staff not around. i had to wait 2 hours to get a basin of water to wash him because they werent doing it themselves. we had him in the dining room and the staff documented him being..."

Kindred Transitional Care & Rehab-The Meadows 5 Star Review

New 5 Star User Review of Kindred Transitional Care & Rehab-The Meadows located in Rochdale, Massachusetts

"I'm a 71-year-old male with a diagnose a COPD with home oxygen use. I had a sudden exacerbation of my COPD and was intubated in placed on life-support, I was in the intensive care unit at the acute care hospital for approximately 7 days. My family was told I probably was not going to survive. With their help care I improved and needed to to be placed in a rehab facility to help me continue my therapies..."

Quince Nursing and Rehabilitation Center 4 Star Review

New 4 Star User Review of Quince Nursing and Rehabilitation Center located in Memphis, Tennessee

"Up until today, I thought this facility was a good place to volunteer. My daughter had been volunteering here since September and loved working there so much that she continued right up to the Christmas holidays when we went to South Carolina for a few weeks. She had hoped to continue after playing an audition for youth orchestra on Thursday, Jan. 3, but just received a punitive message for not..."

Berkeley Nursing & Rehab Center 4 Star Review

New 4 Star User Review of Berkeley Nursing & Rehab Center located in Oak Park, Illinois

"From my experience with this home I must say that they are one of the few that is doing and outstanding job with their residents. My father was there for 6 months and during this time he was able to regain basic functions of walking and ambulating after a hip replacement. I was always greeted by staff with a friendly smile and there was always someone there to help with any concerns I had while being..."

Deptford Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare 1 Star Review

New 1 Star User Review of Deptford Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare located in Woodbury, New Jersey

"We removed our dad from this place after 2 weeks. This place should not be allowed to operate. If we could give it ZERO stars we would. They DO NOT take care of the patients. We were there everyday and stayed with my dad most of everyday he was there, and thank God we did. The man next to him had no legs and no visitors. He did not eat. Noone ever came to feed him. They would just come in and take..."

Dermott City Nursing Home 1 Star Review

New 1 Star User Review of Dermott City Nursing Home located in Dermott, Arkansas

"Our family had an absolutely terrible experience with Dermott City Nursing Home. Our family member did not receive medications for 6 weeks and was verbally abused, as reported by another resident. The social director was not helpful or knowledgeable."

Menorah House 4 Star Review

New 4 Star User Review of Menorah House located in Boca Raton, Florida

"Physical and Occupational Therapy department deserves a 5 star rating for their exceptional care. That is the department that has made the stay worthwhile. The Nursing Staff tends to argue in front of clients and many residents appear to be left unattended often. I was astounded that patients in diapers and wheelchairs are only showered 3 times a week. I find this absolutely disgusting. I was fortunate..."

The Highlands at Brighton 4 Star Review

New 4 Star User Review of The Highlands at Brighton located in Rochester, New York

"I had to place my father in a nursing home and I toured many. By fare, this nursing home is much cleaner, cheerful, respectful and understanding. This was the first place that I was greeted with a smile and all the staff said "hello". I know that is a little thing but it goes a long way after the privious placement for dad and my other tours. They contact me on a regular basis and dad..."

Altenheim Health & Living Community 1 Star Review

New 1 Star User Review of Altenheim Health & Living Community located in Indianapolis, Indiana

"The nursing wing is terrible! This used to be one of the nicer homes when it was a Not for Profit... however... it is now FOR profit, and they are very expensive, there is a super high turnover with their staff... they are constantly under-staffed... the patients suffer with bed sores, skin rashes & diseases, dental decay, poor hygiene, etc. Because they are short-staffed, the staff just does..."

Cranberry Place 2 Star Review

New 2 Star User Review of Cranberry Place located in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania

"I really don't even want to give this place one star they totally violate state laws on patient care. Please do not ever choose this place. They place dementia patients in Geri Chairs as a form of restraint. The do not take the time to spoon feed or give water on patients who are not able to feed themselves. They leave patients sit in dirty diaper for long periods of time. They staff is not..."

Shea Family Care Grossmont 2 Star Review

New 2 Star User Review of Shea Family Care Grossmont located in La Mesa, California

"This place has a lack of communication between nursing staff,left my family memeber in a dirty diaper after cna was notified several hours prior to the incident of her need to toilet,skin breakdown occured short time after,tv did not work for several days after admission,was not helped out of bed for toileting needs.Very bad facility."

Snug Harbor on Nelson Bay 1 Star Review

New 1 Star User Review of Snug Harbor on Nelson Bay located in Sealevel, North Carolina

"Father died of aspiration from being given medications pills. No physician at Snug Harbor. Died on the way to hospital 1 hour trip away. NO Nurse watched until he swallowed pills. "

Heartland of Beckley 1 Star Review

New 1 Star User Review of Heartland of Beckley located in Beckley, West Virginia

"While a number of staff are caring people, there are just as many who do not keep up with their responsibilities for residents. Rooms are shabby and dirty. The clothes I buy disappear and are replaced by old and faded discards from other patients. Doctors sign orders without reading them. Twice the facility has asked the doctor to sign off on medicine that is inappropriate and dangerous. I am repeated..."

Nehalem Valley Care Center 5 Star Review

New 5 Star User Review of Nehalem Valley Care Center located in Wheeler, Oregon

"I can't say enough good things about Nehalem Valley Care Center. My father-in-law has been here for nearly five years and since they changed management and administration I have seen a huge turn around in the facility. The food has gotten better, the building is cleaner, and the staff do a better job. Keep doing what you're doing there!"

Kindred Nursing and Rehabilitation-Bashford 5 Star Review

New 5 Star User Review of Kindred Nursing and Rehabilitation-Bashford located in Louisville, Kentucky

"My wife was there for 7 years. I don't think she would have recieved better care anywhere else. They kept the facility clean, especially the past few years. The staff was always courtious and polite to my family and me. The main thing was how my wife was taken care of and how she was treated. That's really what it's all about. "

Central Texas Nursing & Rehabilitation 5 Star Review

New 5 Star User Review of Central Texas Nursing & Rehabilitation located in Ballinger, Texas

"This home is always very clean and inviting when i come to visit. The staff is very helpful and kind. My mother is well taken care of and the staff is always tentative to mom's needs. The complentary beauty saloon is great too the beautician is an aid as well and is a blessing to the home. It's a very down home wonderful place. I would tell anyone to place their loved one in this home whether they..."

Darby Glenn Nursing and Rehabilitation Center 4 Star Review

New 4 Star User Review of Darby Glenn Nursing and Rehabilitation Center located in Hilliard, Ohio

"Newer facility, with experienced senior management and head nurse. Single large rooms, and reasonably good food/choices. Well maintained and clean . The nurse turnover is low (good) , and aides generally fair, with what I guess is usual turnover. In my opinion a little understaffed for what we pay private pay (over 8K month) . The activities director and food service director are outstanding people..."

Lake Prince Woods, Inc 5 Star Review

New 5 Star User Review of Lake Prince Woods, Inc located in Suffolk, Virginia

"My parents have lived in Lake Prince Woods for over 4 years and the whole family agrees that it is one of the best moves they've ever made. My mom enjoys an apartment and a very busy social life, yet can easily visit or check on my dad who has lived in Skilled Care for several years.The staff is extremely friendly and helpful and the care for my dad has been very good. We've had family members in..."