Sunday, January 6, 2013

Osage Nursing & Rehabilitation Center 5 Star Review

New 5 Star User Review of Osage Nursing & Rehabilitation Center located in Osage City, Kansas

"We moved my father to this center about 6 months ago. He was previously somewhere else that was terrible. This center is wonderful. There are always people around to keep an eye on everyone, and they seem to be very diligent and caring. My dad seems very happy there, which makes all of his family very relieved. Thanks for your great care."

Shady Acres Inc 2 Star Review

New 2 Star User Review of Shady Acres Inc located in West Kingston, Rhode Island

"I went to visit my stepfather at Shady Acres & found him deceased in his bed. I had to tell the staff that I thought he had passed. Not sure how long he was gone. To their credit, though.... The nurses & other staff were very kind to me once they realized what had happened."

Manorcare of Hinsdale 1 Star Review

New 1 Star User Review of Manorcare of Hinsdale located in Hinsdale, Illinois

"My wife had to be sent to Hinsdale Hosp at 5am jan.4th.When she was admitted in ICU and checked out the nurses were appalled at the condition she was in,including feces not cleaned,dehydrated,Puss in the uretha,and thick urine. All the many times she had her wet diaper changed no one ever checked the urine and just put it in the garbage.These are only a few things that happened during her 2 month..."

Village Care Rehab and Nursing Ctr 3 Star Review

New 3 Star User Review of Village Care Rehab and Nursing Ctr located in New York, New York

"Very impressed with the PT and OT services. All other services such as food, aides and cleaness are average. One complaint is that social worker never returned one single phone call and was never available from numerous voice messages from Thanksgiving to Christmas during my mom's 2 month stay. I felt the need to address this online. So frustrating!"

Braden River Care Center 5 Star Review

New 5 Star User Review of Braden River Care Center located in Bradenton, Florida

"Very nice facility. My mom stayed there for 6 weeks after having knee surgery and received wonderful care. She is home now and doing great thanks to the great people taking care of her. Thank You."

Wathena Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center 5 Star Review

New 5 Star User Review of Wathena Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center located in Wathena, Kansas

"The dignity and repect shown by the staff of Wathena Healthcare is very rewarding to witness. They try very hard to repect the wishes of each and every resident. The facility is very clean and well cared for and they really do treat the residents like members of their families. The activities there are very engaging with indidvidual acitivities of any interest. The care was very very good. "

Forwood Manor 1 Star Review

New 1 Star User Review of Forwood Manor located in Wilmington, Delaware

"My Mother had just been received in this healthcare facilities for rehab and I'm not please at all...the CNA'S sit around talking with one another when you need someone to assist your love one they take forever and there was a nurse who didnt know what she was doing when she was put a new bandage on my mother, i told her that, that was not the proper way of putting it on..then she stated that she..."

Civic Center Health and Rehabilitation, LLC 5 Star Review

New 5 Star User Review of Civic Center Health and Rehabilitation, LLC located in Birmingham, Alabama

"The staff and therapists here are truly amazing. They are very attentive to the needs of the patients and do not loose their cool with the patients. (even the difficult ones.) They really care about the people there and their families. The building is older, but they keep it up, clean it constantly and do a great job keeping it smelling clean! The therapy department works with the patients every day..."